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  • Gisela BONNAUD
  • Gisela BONNAUD
Strategic #HR BP Specialist #Recruiting #TalentAcquisition #TalentManagement #Mobility #Career #TLD #D&I #HRIS #Lean #Change #Management #Leadership
  • Gisela BONNAUD Strategic #HR BP Specialist #Recruiting #TalentAcquisition #TalentManagement #Mobility #Career #TLD #D&I #HRIS #Lean #Change #Management #Leadership


3 octobre 2012 3 03 /10 /octobre /2012 18:10

Whether you like it or not, hirers are using social networks to screen job applicants. This video infographic sheds some light on how recruiters are using social media today to screen prospective employees.

"Being connected and reachable has become very crucial now days". 

 - If you’re not findable...

Recruiters and headhunters get paid big bucks to find HR talent.  And all of them use Viadeo and LinkedIn as their #1 source.

But you frustrate the crap out them by making it impossible for them to get in touch with you.

If they can’t find your phone number or e-mail address on your profile you are making their life a living hell.

They’re not mind readers.  They like things simple, easy, and fast.

So get smart. Get your e-mail address at a minimum into your Linkedin profile.  And preferably your cell phone number too.

If you someday want to land that dream HR job, make it easy for executive search professionals to reach you so that they can deliver it to you.

- If your profile has job titles, but no story. 

A bare-boned Viadeo or LinkedIn profile with just your past job titles does you no good and creates missed opportunities for you every day.

An incomplete profile like this doesn’t tell anyone anything other than you’ve had some jobs.

It doesn’t tell them what you can do.

So today, right now, go back and flesh out a story for each of the jobs on your profile.

By this I mean, along with those jobs you’ve listed, include a description of the results you achieved in the past.  Three to four sentences for each job is ideal.

And, yes, quantify those accomplishments where possible.  Numbers, not words speak volumes and help sell your value.

You want your profile to grab people by the throat and clearly let them know why you’re remarkable and worthy of being in their network, contacted or referred.

Source :@SuccessInHR 



Infographic: Social Media is Changing Recruitment from Ciphr HR on Vimeo.

Infographic: Social Media is Changing Recruitment from Ciphr HR on Vimeo.

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Horia Fergane 03/10/2012 19:17

bonsoir Gisela

l'article est en anglais ! l'avez vous en version française ?