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  • Gisela BONNAUD
  • Gisela BONNAUD
Strategic #HR BP Specialist #Recruiting #TalentAcquisition #TalentManagement #Mobility #Career #TLD #D&I #HRIS #Lean #Change #Management #Leadership
  • Gisela BONNAUD Strategic #HR BP Specialist #Recruiting #TalentAcquisition #TalentManagement #Mobility #Career #TLD #D&I #HRIS #Lean #Change #Management #Leadership


23 octobre 2011 7 23 /10 /octobre /2011 11:24

The question for today's company is no longer " How are you going to get our attention," you should be thinking "How are we going to get your attention." Start speaking the language of social media, and keep your candidates engaged throughout the recruitment process, so when it's time to hire, you can find the perfect person for the job. Is your company using the power that is social media? It's easier than you think.


LinkedIn, with 100 million members, is still the site of choice for companies hiring directly, but Facebook (750 million) and Twitter (200 million) are catching up, with many believing a tipping point has been reached in the ways employers seek to hire staff.

But what does it all mean for jobseekers? Understanding the rules of social recruitment is key. At first glance, employers may seem to hold all the cards, but understanding their tactics can considerably improve your odds of getting noticed.


Some advice for jobseekers :

You don't have to be 'looking' to be looking
Build your own work brand, but be judicious with it
Strike up conversations with potential employers
Understand the pros and cons of different networks
On the web, if it can be known, it will be known


 A recent US survey showed that nearly 90% of employers either use, or plan to use, social media for recruiting. The rules of social Recruiting, The Guardian,UK.  






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